3 doctors in Russia fall out of windows in 2 weeks complaining about lack of protection, 2 dead

3 doctors in Russia fall out of windows in 2 weeks complaining about lack of protection, 2 dead

Three doctors from Russia have plunged from a hospital window after complaining about a lack of protection and intolerable coronavirus pressures.

Two doctors died and the third one, Alexander Shulepov, 37, is fighting for his life with head injuries.

Earlier Shulepov released a video that claimed he was ordered to work despite testing positive for coronavirus.

He and his colleagues also warned about PPE shortages and other necessary equipment in Voronezh city.

Shulepov made a second video to retract the claims amid suspicions that he was pressured to get back his words.

Earlier two women have died after falling from hospital windows and reports say the doctors have earlier challenged their superiors over a lack of PPE for Covid19 patients.

Hospitals have dismissed the allegations, but medics believe Shulepov’s infection proved the lack of protective equipment.

In the video, Shulepov was filmed with his paramedic colleague Alexander Kosyakin, who was been summoned by police under the suspicion of spread fake news and creating panic among doctors and public.

In the video Shulepov said : ‘Ambulance doctor Alexander Shulepov is next to me, he is just confirmed Covid-19.

‘The chief doctor is forcing us to work, what do we do in this situation?

‘We are not leaving the shift

Myself and Alexander has been working together for a month.

‘This is the situation.

‘Everyone says it’s fake (but) these are real facts for you.’

Three days later after being hospitalized, Shulepov recorded a video claiming his condition had improved.

‘I have a runny nose, otherwise all is well,’ he said.

Dr Yelena Nepomnyashchaya, who is working at Krasnoyarsk hospital sustained fatal injuries after falling 60ft from a window at her

Colleagues said she had complained about an ‘acute shortage’ of PPE for doctors and nurses in the hospital.

Earlier WHO warned countries to prepare for a second or third wave of Coronavirus 


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