8% of Iran’s Parliament member’s affected by Corona virus , Senior Politician dies

Hossein Sheikholeslam dies after being infected by coronavirus

News agency Fars has reported that 8% of Iran’s entire Parliament has been affected by Coronavirus.

The worst part is,Hossein Sheikholeslam ,senior politician, an Iranian diplomat and former ambassador to Syria died this Thursday after being admitted to hospital.

Iran government has suspend its parliament indefinitely and barred its members from travelling.

Iran’s death rate increased from 15 to 107, and the number of confirmed cases increases by 591 to 3,513 in just  couple of days.

Namaki , Iranian politician and pharmacist has said that they have created enough check point at city borders and advised people not to travel.

People wearing masks in Iran amidst coronavirus  fear

“People should not consider this as an opportunity to go travelling. They should stay home and take our warnings seriously,” he said.

“This virus is highly contagious. It is a serious matter, do not joke about it.”- he added.

The cases are increasing at a rapid and people are in panic mode.

Speaking to BBC in Tehran , Ladan an asthma sufferer said people in panic mode and she has never seen something like this in her entire life.

“It feels so unsafe now. I quarantined myself without having any sanitizer. I am starting to see everything like a virus. I feel like I am becoming paranoid about whatever I buy and bring into my house,” she said.

Iran health officials working in city to clear coronavirus infections

In the western city of Hamedan Mohammedreza said the crisis had provoked an “epidemic of fear”.

A doctor in western Iran said the country was not prepared for this and politicians reacted too late.

“Many believe it is happening anywhere else but Isfahan. You barely see anyone wearing masks or gloves,” he said.

He also said the authorities are unaware of the situation and he has to buy masks from his own pocket for his fellow hospital staffs and patients.

“But what is striking is the food prices, which are rising on a daily basis – and everyone buys more than their needs as if a famine is on its way.”– he added.



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