Adelaide Supermarket refuses to refund Stockpilers unsold goods

In order to profit out of Pandemic, a stockpiler purchased $10,000 worth toilet papers and hand sanitizers and planned to sell on eBay. Adelaide Supermarket refuses to refund Stockpilers unsold goods

The man used a team to purchase 132 packs of toilet rolls and 150 one-liter bottles of hand sanitizer.

when he was unable to sell the goods, the man tried reaching the supermarket for a refund.

But the supermarket turned down his request and said they will not refund his goods.

Drakes Supermarkets director John-Paul Drake said he has a long conversation with the man and said clearly his company won’t refund for such behavior.

“In that conversation [the shopper said] ‘my eBay site has been shut down, so we couldn’t profiteer off that’,” Drake told ABC Radio Adelaide.

Drake said events like these have forced the supermarkets to impose purchasing limits on customers.

“The rest of my team [is] over this sort of behavior and having to police people taking more than they need – that’s a tough thing to deal with,” he said.

“I never thought I’d been in a situation that I’m seeing here.

“We’re not used to it, no-one is used to it, when people take advantage of the system.

“It’s not necessarily being sold here or used here, or hoarded here – it’s being marked up [online] for a considerable amount.”– he added.


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