Los Angeles schools set to host Sex and Mental wellness program for Teens

Los Angeles schools set to host Sex and Mental wellness program for Teens

As a part of the wellness program, dozens of Los Angels schools have untied to host clinics providing mental and sexual health services to teenagers.

Officials say this is a great collaboration between Planned Parenthood and county public and mental health officials.

More than 50 schools are set to participate and the initiative is planned to help more than 75,000 teens.

Authorities have planned to offer services likes testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, birth control, emergency contraception like Plan B, a wide range of mental health service and substance abuse resources.

“When we are looking at the rise of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis rates, we want to make sure we are approaching this as a public health issue,” said Tanimura.

“Now we have an avenue for kids to seek services right there. They don’t have to miss school.”- he added.

Ellen Sanchez, a consultant said Planned Parenthood has lots of trust among youngsters and parents.

“Young people trust Planned Parenthood with those services,” -ellen said.

“They know they will get honest and accurate information and their confidentiality will be protected.”- she added.

Dr Brian Nguyen, a University of Southern California assistant professor of OB/GYN said services like these will help to reduce rising STI rates in and around Los Angles.

“When you bring the services to people, they’ll use it,” he said,

“It ensures that a wider audience that would ordinarily not engage in sexual reproductive health would have access.”– he added.

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