Man infected with Coronavirus visits bar in Gamagori City to spread it

Man infected with Coronavirus in Japan visits bar

A 50-year-old man from Gamagori city Japan, who was tested positive for coronavirus visited bars in the city to spread the virus.

After testing positive, medical officials started the treatment and sent him to his home and advised not to leave his house at any circumstances.

But the man was seen visiting bars to spread the virus. Before leaving his home the man informed his family members that he is going to spread the virus.

During his visit to the second bar, the man said “I was tested positive for coronavirus”

After hearing this the staff member altered the health center and informed police.

By the time police arrived in precautionary suits the man flew to his home in a taxi.

“I can’t get this straight in my head,” a staff member was quoted.

“I cannot express it in words since I only have anger.”

The man was also seen making a fuss at the front of Drunk Gamagori Station, saying, “We will spread the coronavirus.”

He also took the matter to Twitter and created panic.

“Do you know the meaning of waiting at home when you are 50 years old?” “Is it completely bioterrorism?” “This is likely to spread Gamagori,” “Is it infected with Corona and it’s a mess?” I want you to be aware of it. ” — he wrote in twitter

The tweet was later deleted and twitter has suspended his account.

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