‘Pandemic’ scientist along with his team has discovered potential cure for Coronavirus

Dr. Jacob Glanville comes with a drug for coronavirus

Dr. Jacob Glanville, the Californian scientist, and his team have announced that they have found a potential cure for Coronavirus.

The scientist who featured in the Netflix show “Pandemic” was working round the clock to come up with a drug to treat the novel coronavirus.

Speaking to CBS8 on Monday the scientist announced that they have found a new drug.

“We are happy to announce we have completed the engineering and we have some very potent antibodies that can be effective against the virus,” said Dr. Glanville.

The scientists took a series of five antibodies from around 2002 which was used to neutralize SARS.

The scientists then evolved those antibodies used against SARS to adapt them to recognize coronavirus.

“We tried with five different antibodies because we weren’t sure which one would work the best. All five worked so we have a pretty powerful tool chest available to us right now to produce a final therapeutic” — he added.

When asked whether the drug will be in the form of pills or shots, the scientist replied

“We think we will be able to deliver it as a shot. We’ve been deliberately trying to engineer extremely potent antibodies because if they’re potent you need less material and then you could give it as an injection”

The team will send the antibodies to Charles River Laboratories and to the military for confirmation testing to check safety and tox characterizations.

The team has partnered with two companies to scale up  large batches of the antibody for production.


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