Scientists tracked 2 strains of Coronavirus

Scients discover 2 types of coronavirus

Scientists have finally discoverer two strains of Coronavirus.

There are two strains (one mostly native to Wuhan) and the other one.

According to a research by Oxford , scientists there are two types of Coronavirus spreading around the world and the most important news its doesn’t mutate (scientists says they don’t have enough evidence virus changing its form)

After analyzing 103  sequenced genomes from china scientists discovered two strains. They have named the first string as L found on 70% cases. The remaining 30% is claimed to be deadly and they have termed as S.

Speaking to press Ravinder Kanda senior official at Oxford Brookes University, said “There do appear to be two different strains,”

“[The L-type] might be more aggressive in transmitting itself, but we have no idea yet how these underlying genetic changes will relate to disease severity,” she said.

“I think it’s a fact that there are two strains,” says Erik Volz at Imperial College London.

“It’s normal for viruses to undergo evolution when they are transmitted to a new host.”– he added.

A representative from WHO made it clear that though there may be various types of strains, the good news is it doesn’t change its form.

“In all practical terms, the virus is as it was when it originally emerged,” says Jones. “There’s no evidence it is getting any worse.”

As of now, scientists have just analyzed the samples from china and more inputs and solutions will emerge once they discover more samples and cases from other countries.

The virus is more deadly than it has kept prominent politicians at bay. Politicians have canceled their trips and this could lead to a dangerous situation.

It is to be noted that almost 8% of Iran parliament has been affected by a coronavirus and the government has asked its members and citizens to stop traveling.




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