Tesla Co-Founder Elon Musk blasts Coronavirus Lockdowns – says ‘FREE AMERICA NOW’

Elon Musk says Free america Now

Tesla Co-Founder Elon musk joins lockdown rebels club and urged the nation to get back to normal.

Musk vented his frustrations tweeting: ‘FREE AMERICA NOW’

The Tesla co-founder went ahead and praised Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s plans to reopen some businesses in the state from Friday  he also shared a newspaper’s op-ed with the caption: “Give people their freedom back!”

Responding to a comment on twitter musk wrote: “Reopen with care and appropriate protection, but don’t put everyone under de facto house arrest.”

“Give people their freedom back!” musk said.

He also pointed out the Wall Street Journal’s analysis that suggested closures don’t save many lives.

According to Bloomberg, Tesla workers were no longer expected to return to work after the guidance was pushed by Alameda County health officials.

Under the current guidance, tesla can only operate at basic levels.

The shelter-in-place orders across the state were set to expire on May 3, but officials have expanded for few more weeks.

“If we move too fast to ease restrictions, the potential of exponential spread could have grave impacts to health and wellness of residents as well as the economy,” – Bay area officials said in a statement.

The decision has an immediate effect on Tesla.

“We will not be returning to work Wednesday, April 29. Please disregard all communication and directives on returning to work this week,” one human resources employee wrote in a staff note obtained by CNBC.

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