The Best Coffee Shops in US – 2020

Best Coffee shops in US in 202

Coffees are good for health, they reduce depression, boosts metabolic rate and lowers the risk of type 2 diabetics.

Coffee shops can give a few more like a positive vibe, cozy atmosphere to spend some time with friends and family.

Here we list the best 20 coffee shops in the US. We considered atmosphere, taste, user rating and social buzz.

Little Pearl – Washington D.C.  

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Little Pearl runs as a coffee shop during the day and as a restaurant during the night. Little Pearl has been rated as one of the cozies coffee shops in Washington DC.  Their signature dishes include potato donut, iced banana latte, elote tostadas (with garlic mayo, long hot peppers, and avocado crema) and many more.  The shop has more than 150 years of history. It was started in 1864. The best thing about little pearl is they offer a custom menu for their customers with dietary restrictions, dislikes, and allergies.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters – Portland, OR 


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Stumptown is one of the coolest coffee shops in Portland. It started in 1999 and has grown as a coffee empire.  Apart from coffee their signature stuff include Espresso Martini, Dolce & Banana, Electric Fizz, Cinnamon Cardamom Syrup, and fig leaf creamer.  Stumptown also operates in Seattle, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and New Orleans.

The Wormhole Coffee – Chicago, IL


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The wormhole coffee is located at the heart of Chicago’s funky Wicker Park neighborhood. The wormhole is 80’s themed coffee shop that offers a variety of stuff from classic lattes to a brew called the Koopa-Troopa.

Koopa Troopa is peanut butter mousse and dark chocolate latte, and believe when I tasted it felt like heaven. The wormhole is one the coziest spot in Wicker Park.

Everyman Espresso – New York City


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Everyman Espresso is one of the best coffee shops in New York City. It operates in three different locations 301 West Broadway, East Village, and Park Slope.  Everyman espresso has been named as the best coffee shop in US by The Daily Meal.  According to their website, their client list includes some heavyweights like Wall Street Journal, Per Se, Louis Vouitton, Facebook, Razorfish, Volta NY, Refinery29, TEDx, Charles Schwab, and Agnes B.

G&B Coffee – Los Angeles, CA

G and B Coffee Los Angeles

Started in 2012 G&B operates in 7 different locations in Los Angeles. Initially, it started as a pop up in legendary Sqirl Cafe in LA. And in less than a year it found its permanent residence at the historic Grand Central Market in May  2013. Their menu has different coffee varieties like Filter coffee, half of a double espresso, half of an almond macadamia cappuccino with espresso dusted on top, etc. They also offer gifts and discounts for club members.

Black Fox Cofee Co – New York City 


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Black fox coffee was established in 2016. It operates at 70 pine street new york. Apart from delivering quality coffee, the restaurant serves the best tea in town. The must-try kinds of stuff include Song Tea, Yunan red, song red, Heart – Colombia El Salado,  Square Mile – Colombian Los Rosales, espresso short macchiato and few more.

Red Bay Coffee – Oakland, CA


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Red Bay Coffee was established in 2014. Candied Yam Latte and Charcoal Vanilla Latte are people’s favorite at Red Bay coffee. They also invite people to their public roastery in Oakland to ask questions of brewing and to show how coffee is roasted.

The most interesting thing about Red Bay is they hire people who have been left out from the Coffee industry.

“Red Bay seeks to create unity by hiring and serving people of all backgrounds, striving to be diverse and inclusive of those who have traditionally been left out of the specialty coffee industry, especially people of color, the formerly incarcerated, women and people with disabilities.”

Coffee Manufactory – Los Angeles, CA


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Coffee Manufactory was established in 2016 when they started roasting two blends of coffee for Tartine Bakery. Due to supreme quality coffee manufactory got a great reception and now operate in five different locations. They also operate in Seoul, North Korea.

Madcap Coffee – Grand Rapids, MI


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Established in 2008, they taste more than 3000 varieties every year to find the best ones to bring to their customers. They run in three different locations in West Michigan. They ship roasted coffees with 24 hours. They spend over one-third of the year outside the United States with coffee growers.

Sey Coffee – Brooklyn, NY


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Sey Coffee tops the list of coffee shops with a relaxing backdrop. You can relax beneath cascading plants and sip a tasty. coffee. They provide subscriptions for their users with discounts and the subscribers enjoy exclusives and pre-releases.

Gimme Coffee – Ithaca, NY


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Gimme coffee has several branches in and around new york. They opened their first shop at Ithaca in 2000. Their business model goes like this, they look out for worn spaces that require little revitalization and a good cool place to spend with family and friends. As of 2020 gimme coffee operates in 8 different locations in new york. Single-origin roasts like Honduras Las Peñitas /Guatemala Guaya’b is their signature stuff.

Barista – Portland 


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Barista’s best coffee shops are located in portland. Located in a peaceful neighborhood, the barista is one of the best places to hang around with your book. Oregon hazelnut syrup and house vanilla are voted as the best of the barista in portland.

Spiller Park Coffee – Atlanta GA 


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Spiller Park Coffee is best known for its shakes. Shake Shake, spiller parks version of iced latte and Nilla Nutter with expresso, pecan milk with bourbon vanilla are their signature coffee varieties. They also sell high-quality coffee mugs and tee’s.

Cherry Street Coffee House – Seattle, WA


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The cherry street is a Seattle based coffee chain started in 1997. Cherry Street gained popularity in the 2000s and runs in 11 different locations in Seattle.  Apart from coffee Cherry street also offers breakfast with eggs, sandwiches, and salads. dirty chai latte and Milky way are their favorite dishes.

Ritual – San Francisco, CA


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Ritual Coffee was started in 2005 and now operates in 11 different locations. Ritual is one of the best and successful coffee chains in San Fransico.  They also do offer subscriptions and gift cards for their customers. The motto is to prove the best coffee in town.

Cat and Cloud – Santa Cruz , CA 


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When it comes to cozy and colorful, Cat and Cloud is the best in Santa Cruz. They operate in three different locations East Side, Downtown and Aptos. Apart from the coffee they also sell apparel, drinkware, and stickers. They also sell on wholesale.

Leslie Coffee Co –  Wichita, KS


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Apart from coffee Leslie coffee offers plenty of exciting food items like Avocado Toast with Pickled Mustard Seeds, Goat Cheese & Seasonal Vegetable Toast, Lemon Ricotta Toast. Started in 2018 it gained popularity in months and is now one of the best coffee shops in Kansas.

King State Coffee – Tampa, FL


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Kingstate was started by successful musicians Nate Young and Tim McTague in 2013. Antigua Hunapu Guatemala and La Flores Santa Barbara Honduras taste good at Kingstate. They also offer subscriptions and gift cards for their customers.

Daydream Surf Shop – Newport Beach, CA


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Coffee shops near the beach are always cool and daydream is the best at the new port beach, California.  The shop was started by Becca Mantei and Kyle Kennelly in 2016.  It was designed to attract both adults and kids.

Dayglow – Los Angeles, CA


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Dayglow operates at West Hollywood and Silverlake. It was started to offer the best coffees around the world in one hub. The offer roasters from several countries. Dayglow was selected as the coffee in LA by sprudge.

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