UK Health minister Nadine Dorries tests positive for COVID-19

It is been announced that UK Health Minister Nadine Dorries has been tested positive for COVID-19.

Ms. Dorries is self-isolating at home and asked her fellow MP’s to get in touch if they had any contact with her recently. Reports also claim that her servant is also ill and is under screening.

Hours before being tested positive the health minister was seen having a conservation with UK Prime Minister Borris Johnson,

As of March 11, 282 cases tested positive in the UK with 6 deaths.

Ms. Dorries is the first MP to be tested positive and Labour’s Rachael Maskell who was in regular contact with her was advised to self-isolate and do regular check-ups.

Ms. Maskell who was in meeting with Borris Johnson the last week advised the  Prime Minister to listen to National HEalth Services Advice and act accordingly.

UK MP Racehel Maskell

“Everybody has got to take the advice of Public Health England and therefore I trust the prime minister has also contacted NHS 111,” she added.

She also insisted that like anyone of us, Pm is also vulnerable and could spread the virus to fellow colleagues and friends.

“There’s nothing special about him, he’s another person and like any of us, he could spread this virus.”

“Therefore he must take that public health advice in the same way that I have taken the public health advice.”– she added.

Meanwhile, NHS chief scientific officer Prof Dame Sue Hill has said that the health service is running at a great peace to get prepared for any emergency situation.

“Every hospital across the country, and the healthcare professionals who run them, are now actively planning to respond flexibly to manage new demand.”– he said.

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