US spent $812 billion in 2017 for healthcare paperwork

US spent $812 billion in 2017 for healthcare paperwork

According to a study published in Annals of Internal Medicine, the United States of America has spent a whopping $812 billion for healthcare paperwork. Which is 34.2% of total expenditures for hospitals, doctor visits, health insurance, and long term health care.

The study also found that if the US followed Canadian Levels of paperwork they could have saved $600 in 2017.

“Medicare for All could save more than $600 billion each year on bureaucracy, and repurpose that money to cover America’s 30 million uninsured and eliminate copayments and deductibles for everyone,” — says Dr. Steffie Woolhandle

Dr. Steffie Woolhandle is a senior author and professor at the City University of New York (CUNY) at Hunter College and lecturer in Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

He also worried that measures like this will create administrative problems for Insurance companies.

“Reforms like a public option that leave private insurers in place can’t deliver big administrative savings,” he said

“As a result, public option reform would cost much more and cover much less than Medicare for All.”– he added.

He also mentioned that though the immediate change in health care paperwork is not possible the US administration can bring step by step measures to cut costs and save money.

Change in paperwork will save lots of money and can cover wider citizens to take up full health care



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