Women jailed for 6 months for biting Emergency Officer

Joel Martinique Hall, the 24-year-old woman has been sentenced for 6 months for spitting at an emergency worker and creating panic.

The woman bit and spat at the emergency worker and claimed she had coronavirus.

She was immediately arrested and charged with 11 offenses including claiming to have coronavirus and biting and spitting at emergency service worker.

“Assaulting Emergency Service workers at any time is simply not acceptable, as is the disorderly behavior that this female was responsible for in Pwllheli this past Tuesday afternoon” – said Mark Armstrong, North Wales Police county chief inspector for Gwynedd

Police said she was later taken for a test and tested negative for coronavirus

After hearing the arguments Magistrates wasted no time and locked her up on her first appearance.

She was sentenced for 6 months and has been jailed.

“The fact that she has been charged and sentenced on first appearance for 11 separate offences, to six months immediate imprisonment, shows how serious the court has taken these offences against both the community and also the emergency service workers involved, who were simply doing their jobs within the communities they serve.”– he said.


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